Day 157

Day 157

After doing so much homework and studying yesterday, and then going out to dinner and coming home, I started to feel really overwhelmed.

I felt lost, scared, and pretty nervous about everything I have to do this week. It is pretty nerve-racking to know that everything is coming up so quicklyβ€”and finals are practically here!

But then Chris told me to sleep it off and begin fresh this morning. We are going to the library today and I will make an effort to be so productive but also to make sure I relax. And I think that is so important! Which is why today I am grateful for sleep. I think that a good night’s rest can cure almost anything I am feeling or thinking or nervous about. It doesn’t erase everything I have going through my head, but is definitely helps minimize it all and makes it seem less overwhelming. Maybe now I am just “whelmed.”



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