WDW Day 1: Travel Day!

WDW Day 1: Travel Day!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m starting to share some pictures and a video of our first day in Walt Disney World! We had so much fun on this day. Traveling from CA to FL was no joke. It took us 9 hours with a layover, and we were totally exhausted when we arrived, but we were so hyped to be there that none of it mattered.

I only have a few pictures from this day, as well as our first WDW vlog of the trip! Let me know what you think! 🙂


Events - 097
Outside the Magical Express! I loved taking this bus to our resort. We watched info about the Disney World parks and a few short Mickey Mouse cartoons. 🙂 
Events - 102
I loved our hotel! Shoutout to Paul from Syracuse for snapping this pic of us. Memories of these special moments while checking into the Pop Century will forever be etched into my brain. I can’t believe how nice everyone is! 
Events - 110
And our dessert from The Boathouse….this wasn’t in the vlog, so I had to share it here. SO. GOOD.

And here is our WDW vlog! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this day. 🙂 

Our Walt Disney World Plans

Our Walt Disney World Plans

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 7.39.23 PM
Photo by @shelbyrevis

Woohoo! Next month, Chris and I will be in Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL! This will be each of our first times visiting the Florida Disney parks, and we’re so excited to be doing it together!

We have been working with a Disney travel agent who has booked our dining reservations and fast passes for us. So awesome! Some of the things we are most excited for are

  • Eating lunch at Be Our Guest, a restaurant modeled after Beast’s castle
  • Riding Rock n Rollercoaster (okay, this one’s allllll Chris)
  • Walking around the Epcot World Showcase and dreaming about all the countries we want to visit together
  • Taking in Liberty Square (we don’t have it in CA!)
  • Going on a safari!!!!! (I CAN’T WAIT)
  • Watching the Star Wars fireworks

We’re also so happy to be visiting Disney World during the annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. We have never attended the festival at California Adventure, so we’re stoked to be going to WDW during this time at Epcot!! Chris already has his heart set on a Le Cellier steak from one of the booths. This event might be one of the things we are most excited for—we got park hopper tickets so that we could take full advantage of it during as many days as possible!

While planning our trip, we watched a TON of Disney vlogs (shout out to Disney For 2 for being the best out there!!), read all the Disney Tourist Blog posts we could find, and poured over every restaurant menu. We wanted to make sure we made the absolute best out of our trip! We’ll be there for one week (Chris thinks it’s plenty of time, while I’m still begging to extend our trip).

This trip is especially magical for us because Disneyland is where Chris and I truly bloomed as a couple. We visited for the first time together during the first few months of our relationship, and ever since we have held Disneyland in a special place in our hearts. it is so wonderful to get to experience WDW as first-timers together, taking every inch of the parks in through fresh eyes. We’re itching to go!!!

I’m already planning my outfits, we got some new comfortable sandals, and Chris keeps asking when our Magic Bands will come in the mail. Are we eager, or what?

Thanks for reading! If you have any tips or tricks for navigating the parks, or if you want to share your favorite Disney World memories, send them our way!

Tea Time & Life Lately

Tea Time & Life Lately



You can’t tell much from these pictures, but this tea place in San Jose was totally adorable. There were tree stump stools and tables, chalk board menus, and succulents everywhere. Too. cute.

One of our favorite things to do is explore new places to eat. So we decided to get out of the house on Saturday (well actually, I was in a bit of a funky mood and Chris agreed to take me out hehehe) and try a tea place we hadn’t ever heard of: Tea Lyfe.

Settled in Vietnam Town in East San Jose, this place is super cute and definitely a hidden gem, in my opinion. I got the Matcha Sensation, and at 80% sweetness, this was definitely my cup of tea (lol). Chris got the Mango Rose, which wasn’t his taste, unfortunately, but we both think he should stick to what he likes, more often than not. If this wasn’t so out of our way, I’d definitely go back sometime soon (okay it’s really not that far, but I mean who would say no to Share Tea?!).

Life lately has had its ups and downs. I’ve definitely gotten waves of homesickness since moving to the Bay, but keeping myself busy definitely helps a ton. I think just taking time to do new things with Chris helps me recenter myself and feel great. We started volunteering weekly together, and today he went to yoga with me. It made my heart so happy!

I’ve also been looking into grad school more and more lately. I just miss school so much already, and I only graduated two months ago! Learning is just my favorite. I’ve been reading a lot of articles and blog posts lately to feel inspired, and this book I’m reading has also been keeping me from getting into a grub life slump.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Thanks for reading 🙂

Summer in the ‘Lil City

Summer in the ‘Lil City


My top is from Hollister, my skirt is from Romwe, and my shoes are from Target (I wear them basically every single day hahaha). 

Hey everyone! Long time no blog. It’s been so long since updating this website: I have graduated college, moved to the Bay Area, and begun working in my first full-time job. What the heck?!

I think over the past year I have truly found my style—and I am so excited to finally start updating this blog with more outfit posts! I love dressing in clothes that make me feel confident, and this outfit was perfect for my Saturday summertime lunch with Chris.

We had a day out in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center, and Chris—being the angel of a boyfriend that he is—snapped a couple photos of my outfit…and told me how to look cute in the pics. 🙂

Life in the Bay is definitely different. It has taken some getting used to! But something I love about it here is that there is always something to do. I have found myself discovering a new place every week, whether it is a little restaurant or a thrift shop. And that keeps life interesting.

I have found that working full-time can be very tiring and monotonous, so going out on the weekend (even if it is just a little outing to lunch in a nearby city, like Chris and I did) helps me to feel good and happy. I love staying home, but I can get very bored on the weekends if I spend all day inside!

That’s all I have for today! Thanks for reading and sticking with me, even after it’s been so long. Let me know your thoughts on what I should post next. You’ll be seeing a WDW update sometime soon.

Fall at Disney’s California Adventure

Fall at Disney’s California Adventure


Last September, Chris and I visited Disney’s California Adventure for some excitement before beginning our senior year of college.

I know what you’re thinking….this post is long overdue. And I know! But this day was so fun, and I just realized that I should post the photos anyway so document the Disney memories.

As always, we were super excited to be heading to Disney… 🙂

On this September day, we had reservations for character dining at Storytellers in the Grand Californian! I HIGHLY recommend this place! Great food, great service, great character interaction. (We LOVED meeting Kenai from Brother Bear)


Next, we headed to Cars Land…my absolute favorite part of DCA!! The theming is amazing, and if you visit you MUST try Red’s Apple Freeze. It is basically frozen apple juice, and it will rock your world.

Also, can we talk about Cars Land at night??! Breathtaking! Neon lights! Life Could Be a Dream! You absolutely cannot miss Cars Land after sunset.


Chris’s favorite part of DCA by far is Paradise Pier.  The vibes, the sights, the food, the coaster (which I clearly didn’t enjoy….)….he loves everything about it!


The wharf area of DCA is super cool too! We love the Monterey Bay feel of this place.


I finally got to see it’s tough to be a bug in a bug’s land. This show was my dad’s pride and joy! So fun and magical to experience it.




And to close off the night, World of Color. This was our first time seeing this. Chris loved the Wall-E scenes, I cried….it was amazing!

If park hopper tickets weren’t so expensive, we would definitely be coming to DCA way more often. Both parks just have so much to offer, and we were so happy to spend an entire day here and really make sure we saw everything!


What’s your favorite thing about DCA? Let me know! Maybe I will have to plan another trip soon… 😉

Planning Our Walt Disney World Vacation!

Planning Our Walt Disney World Vacation!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.56.18 PM


That’s right! Chris and I are in the middle of planning our graduation celebration trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

We are so beyond excited for this vacation! It will be the longest trip we have taken together with just the two of us, and we are so giddy about making dining reservations and planning out our days at each park.

We are working with a travel agent for this trip, and so far that has made planning a lot more convenience. Of course we are doing most of the planning ourselves, but he did help us choose a hotel, hook us up with a Be Our Guest reservation, and advise us on various activities. He will also be booking our FastPasses for us when the time comes, so that takes a load off our shoulders.

Something that I have learned throughout this planning process is that Walt Disney World is intense!! It is practically mandatory to plan a vacation to WDW almost a year in advance, as hotels and restaurants book up very, very quickly. But while it is a bit overwhelming, the fun of it all outweighs any stresses.

We will be visiting to WDW this Fall (side note—we got FREE DINING! separate post to come!), and I will be writing about the whole planning process along the way. And you bet there will be posts about the actual trip once we get there!

If any of my readers have tips and tricks for us, please let me know in the comments!



Holidays at Disneyland 2016

Holidays at Disneyland 2016

Disneyland is one of our absolute favorite places to go together, so Chris and I knew we had to visit it at Christmastime. I haven’t been in December since I was nine years old, and Chris has never experienced the Disney holiday season, so this trip felt so special to us. Our day was filled with eating our favorite snacks, getting to the park at rope drop (a first for both of us!!), holiday versions of rides including Small World, “Jingle” Cruise, and the Haunted Mansion, and strolling through the park hand-in-hand, enjoying each others’ company in our favorite little world.

Here are some pictures of one of the best days this season. Can’t you tell we’re in love? Special thanks to Disney for making this trip magical. This was by far one of my top Disney trips Chris and I have ever made.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

In September, after visiting the Tetons, Chris, his parents, and I drove through Idaho and Montana to Yellowstone National Park, where we would be for the next two nights. We stayed at a little hotel just outside of the park in Montana, and each day was filled with adventures, snowy air, and a lot of buffalo.


Driving into the park, we almost immediately saw gazing buffalo near a creek. This was amazing! My aunt visited Yellowstone a couple weeks before I did and she showed me all her pictures, so I was beyond excited with I actually got to see these in person. There were some people who walked awfully close, as you can see in the first picture on the left, but I tried to keep my distance. They scared me, okay!!

It actually snowed while we were there. I know…SNOW. I am a Southern California native, so snow isn’t exactly my best friend (we haven’t had much time to get acquainted, you see, and I have only ever played in it one time, that I can remember). But seeing snow all over the ground was absolutely breathtaking.

These pictures were taken from the car window. Can you believe that?! My little iPhone 5 did that from a moving vehicle! They’re not the best, but I do believe they capture the beauty of it all. I have never seen anything like this in person. This was amazing.

While we were in Yellowstone, we visited the Old Faithful geyser and ate lunch at the visitors center nearby. It was pretty cloudy this day and cold out, so it was kind of hard to fully see the geyser erupt, but nonetheless it was such a cool experience. Even hearing it was awesome!

We also walked around numerous hot spring areas. This was so cool!! It was so neat to smell the sulfur in the air and feel the steam. Chris’s mom and I kept joking about how it was like a trip to the spa. It was around 40 degrees outside each day, but we weren’t even cold when we were standing in the steam of the springs. I truly loved this part of the trip.

We also stopped numerous times along the road to see animals, hot springs, and even rivers!! I love how adventurous Chris’s dad is. He always wants to fully take advantage of every place he visits. It’s as though he doesn’t get tired! I really admire this about him.

And on the final day, we visited the Mammoth Hot Springs. We ate Huckleberry ice cream (IT WAS AMAZING), wore our matching socks, and walked up and around the hot springs together. It sure was breathtaking to be so high up on a mountain and see nature’s beauty. I will never take this trip for granted, and I know I will never forget these moments, being around the hot springs and walking with Chris and his dad.

We love you Yellowstone! Thanks for a great summer getaway and giving us a taste of fall.


Adventure is out there! 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This September, I joined my boyfriend’s family and travelled to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. What an adventure it was! I have never explored national parks before, so this was a real treat. This post is dedicated to my time in Jackson Hole, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

I swear, the air here was just cleaner. As someone who struggles with allergies, I often find more comfort inside than out in nature, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it when I get a chance to do so. As a young girl my family would take vacations to Lake Tahoe a couple summers in a row, and multiple times a year we would go camping in our pop-up tent trailer. But this experience in Wyoming was something entirely different.

We stayed at a hotel that had a lobby straight out of a storybook. I absolutely loved it!

The air was crisp and the sky was so blue. We took a stroll through the town of Jackson Hole and I felt like I was in a movie. There was country music playing everywhere, hunting merchandise, and a ton of huckleberry products. We ended up buying some chocolate covered huckleberries to try and they were pretty tasty!

We spent our second day in Jackson Hole hiking around Jenny Lake. We stopped by the visitor center before the hike and watched an informational video. This is something we did when we visited Taroko National Park in Taiwan, and I always think it is so fun to learn about the history and animals of the park before you explore it.


We even saw some animals on this day! We say pronghorn antelope on the side of the road. Seeing animals like this made me feel like we were on some sort of safari or in an animal park.

It was so chilly that we had to bundle up, but it was so amazing! I love being with Chris in nature — it feels so nice to be with your best friend while adventuring around the world together.

We hiked all the way through the trail in the forest to the hidden falls, but they were hidden quite literally by trees, so I couldn’t snap a good picture. But the experience was so awesome, even though the hike back to the car was tiresome.

On the second day we drove out of Jackson Hole but stopped on the northern edge of Jenny Lake to walk for a bit. This was the first day when we saw snow! I do not often visit the snow, so I thought this was just an awesome experience.

Little did I know that we would see even more snow (and animals!!) once we got to Yellowstone! But I will save that story for another post.

Thanks for reading! Where should I travel next? Chris and I are trying to plan our spring break and/or post-grad vacation, so email or comment some tips or destinations you recommend!